Siddhartha Salisar
Faction Terran
Title/Callsign Bast
Rank Fleet Admiral
Homeworld Earth
Age 67
Born {{{Born}}}
Height 5'9"
Weight 137
Frame None

"To Dame Ignis: Will you join me for a game of chess? I'd much prefer to play a game where, for once, the pieces only move in two dimensions."

-- Admiral Salisar

Fleet Admiral Siddhartha Salisar is the Federation of the the Sol Federation, and the head of the Four Admirals of Earth. Known for being a highly charismatic and magnetic figure, he was the first to propose peace between the Federation and the Centauri Confederacy, though this ultimately led to the Second Battle Of Lamia.


Salisar's rise to power in the Federation began as the captain of the first ship known as the Aterion, having been given the honor of transporting the newly created Federation Frames to the planet. While little is known about the battle, he was one of only ten battleships remaining by the end, and was immediately promoted to Fleet Admiral and given a new ship.

The Four AdmiralsEdit

Salisar is the head of the Four Admirals of Earth. He answerers directly to President Adrian Altwood and issues direct orders to Johnathan Burton, Xavier Lean, and Firal Zazeal.

Role in the RPEdit

Salisar serves as the 195th Aces Squadron's commanding officer, although he rarely has any hand in their affairs.