Rohiko Testbug
RohikoProfile 3493
Faction Earth Federation
Title/Callsign Callsign
Rank Ensign
Homeworld Xishu
Age 20
Born September 30, 2978
Height ????
Weight ????
Frame Quicksilver

Ensign Rohiko Testbug is an Ace of the Earth Federation from the planet Xishu. She pilots a Quicksilver.


Medium (150%) (3act)

  • MSL Pistol. Base weapon, average firepower, fire rate, ammo capacity but relatively accurate at almost all ranges.
  • OSLTRCC Rifle. Rapid fire close-range rifle. Useful for close to mid range combat.

Appearance: Same as regular Quicksilver except painted white and blue.

  • Size: 12m