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What is Mythril Aces?

Mythril Aces is a reborn Forum Roleplaying Game in which the players control various pilots of mecha, named Armored Mobile Frames (AMFs, or just Frames) from two interstellar nations at war, the Earth Federation and the Centauri Commonwealth. The game has recently undergone a major reboot and restructuring led by Hydrall, Fauxlosophe, and Parable. As such, pages marked (Re)Union are currently approved Canon, where other pages refer to the Old RP which cannot be considered explicit canon. During the coming months, we will be picking through these are dividing off current canon from the previous game, but for the time being the site is undergoing construction.

Anyone interested in participating or contributing should contact Hydrall, Fauxlosophe or Parable for information, as contributions are always welcome!

Featured Article

Mythril Aces: (Re)Union Rules
The Mythril Verse has rebooted and is in the mist of a major retooling in terms of rules. Frames have been upgraded both in universe and out; don't miss your chance to sign up and experience the most cutting edge technology the Commonwealth and Federation have to offer. Would you like to know more?

Enter the Mythril Universe

The Mythril Aces Game has just been Rebooted on TV Tropes; however sign ups are nearly full! Hurry to reserve your place here!

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