Jaedong Lee
Faction ROZUM
Title/Callsign N-DIe
Rank Shadow
Homeworld Unknown
Age 20
Born April 6, 2978
Height 178cm
Weight 64kg
Frame HW-OZ "Swarm" (Heavily Modified Stalker)

An ambitious Federation pilot looking to use the military as a springboard to power. He pilots the heavily modified Stalker, Swarm. Refers to himself as Lee Jaedong, in the Asian "last name first" method.



Born on an unspecified world, Jaedong was a child of two abusive parents. He stayed away from their affairs but often ended up injured due to their carelessness. Eventually, the Confederacy ended up attacking his hometown, killing everyone except him. He found an abandoned frame and joined the Federation.


A short-tempered loner on the Federation, Jaedong generally avoided contact with his teammates. Although co-operating in battle, he strived to stay away from social contact unless it helped him get a promotion. Eventually, this lead to deteriorating relationships with his fellow pilots, especially his commander, CalvinHobbes


After being arrested on Yokolit after attempting to murder his squad leader, he was given another chance by a unknown man. He escaped on a freighter and entered ROZUM, regaining his old frame, but with significant upgrades.


HW-OZ "Swarm"
* Super Light (100%) (5act)
* Glaive Railgun: long: 25%, 40%, 60%: Has 5 shots, but needs an AP to reload a clip.
* Kaiser Daggers x2: Melee: 25%, 40%, 60%: Can grapple opponent, keeping in close combat.