Calven Hobbes
Hobbes Profile 689
Faction Earth Federation
Title/Callsign November
Rank Commander
Homeworld Earth
Age 25
Born {{{Born}}}
Height ????
Weight ????
Frame Quicksilver

Commander Calven Hobbes is an Ace of the Earth Federation and was the commander of the 195th Ace Squadron.

Calven Hobbes was born and raised on Earth, on the North American continent's western seaboard. His parents were both workers in a munitions factory, and the family lived in the slums surrounding the plant, called "Union Valley." Every kid in Union Valley was in a gang, and Calven was no exception, running with the 4th Block Junkers. Calven would probably have lived his entire life in Union Valley, but a run of bad luck put an eighteen-year-old Calven in front of a tribunal on charges of manslaughter after a night of gang warfare left several teens dead. Given the choice between prison and the military, Calven joined the army. After basic training, Calven was put into the 61st Light Infantry and stationed on Aeris, a contested world in the Helios system. Calven fought the Centauris on Aeris as an infantryman of the 61st "Delivery Boys" for two years, achieving the rank of Sergeant by the end of his tour of duty. During this time, Hobbes was given the opportunity to pilot a decommissioned AMF while assisting in construction of a Federation outpost, and the experience resonated with him. After his tour ended, Hobbes enrolled in an AMF piloting academy and after two years, he joined the Federation's Space Navy as a frame pilot, eventually being promoted to Ace (which carried with it a promotion to Lieutenant), and then to Commander. The 195th Squadron was Hobbes' first command as an Ace.


Quicksilver "Echo"

Light (125%) (4act)

Railgun: mid-long: 20%, 35%, 50%

  • Shoulder Cannons x2: Mid-ranged: 20%, 30%, 50%: Ineffective at long ranges. -1 in that case.
  • Blade: Melee: 35%, 50%, 70%
  • Arm Cannon: short: 15%, 25%, 35%: Fires six shots before needing to reload. Devastating at close range.
  • Cloaking System: Makes the Frame undetectable on radar, +1 to stealth and movement: Individual only- Effective only farther than 80m.
  • Tilt Booster: Allows charging to melee range to include a melee attack